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About Mike Kav

Ever worked with someone who...

  • Has served as a trusted advisor to C-level execs of some of the world's most recognizable names in business.

  • Has worked as a C-level executive in charge of large organizations and teams.

  • Has coached high-performers in mental training, meditation, fitness, breathwork, purpose discovery, and total well-being.

It isn't like working with other people.


Mike Kavanagh set out on his own with the goal of arming individuals, leaders, and businesses with approaches to dramatically enhance individual and team performance and personal well-being. His specialty comes from the unique and wide range of experience and training he combines in mental training, physical training, personal development, leadership and business, to fuel success and true well-being.

Kavanagh has 17 years of experience as an advisor to C-level leaders of Fortune 1000 companies and as a C-level corporate executive leading large teams and organizations in product development, strategy, and business development. During this time, he made a name for himself by helping some of the most well-known names in business develop their strategies, launch new businesses, and build an army of high potential leaders capable of driving significant growth for their companies.

In parallel, Kavanagh has spent two decades cultivating an entirely different skillset— training and coaching people on a range of practices for enhancing personal well-being and performance. Beginning with his Ph.D. work in neuroscience and rapidly expanding to encompasses a wide reach of approaches and techniques, Kavanagh has formal training as a meditation and breathwork instructor, a behavior change specialist, a certified personal trainer and fitness coach, as well as training in sports massage, energy work, and a wide range of additional personal development practices.

Kavanagh is also a best-selling author, a podcast host and content creator, and he is dedicated to helping as many people as possible discover firsthand the keys to maximizing their sense of purpose, well-being and performance... three things that are inextricably linked.

Few people in the world are as passionate about what they do as Mike Kavanagh, and this comes through in everything his does, whether it's as a virtual personal coach in his online leadership program, sitting across the table from a team of executives helping them tackle their biggest challenges, energizing an auditorium full of people who are hungry for change, progress, and growth, or working one-on-one with personal coaching clients. Ask anyone who has worked with or alongside him, and you'll undoubtedly hear the same.