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What's Behind This Door?

So what's behind this door? This is one of my favorite new questions. I ask it to myself all the time. I ask it when I'm about to step...

21 Day Energy Challenge

"Energy is the fundamental currency of high performance." Dr. Jim Loehr | World-Renowned Performance Psychologist If there is one place...

Facets of Happiness

It’s always good to take a moment to stop and remember this: Whatever you want right now, whatever you’re trying to get done, whatever...

I Stopped. My Life Improved.

Here’s something I know: #1. Most of us are aware of the impact our mental and physical state has on the quality of our lives. We see its...

The Productivity Trap

Was it a good day? Were you productive? Did you get everything done that you intended to? DON’T LOOK AT IT THAT WAY! Unless you want to...

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