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What's Behind This Door?

So what's behind this door? This is one of my favorite new questions. I ask it to myself all the time. I ask it when I'm about to step...

21 Day Energy Challenge

"Energy is the fundamental currency of high performance." Dr. Jim Loehr | World-Renowned Performance Psychologist If there is one place...

Facets of Happiness

It’s always good to take a moment to stop and remember this: Whatever you want right now, whatever you’re trying to get done, whatever...

I Stopped. My Life Improved.

Here’s something I know: #1. Most of us are aware of the impact our mental and physical state has on the quality of our lives. We see its...

The Next Great Undoing of Leaders

Droves of CEOs and leaders of teams are about to be undone by a single challenge. For some, this will happen quickly. Others will be the...

The Productivity Trap

Was it a good day? Were you productive? Did you get everything done that you intended to? DON’T LOOK AT IT THAT WAY! Unless you want to...

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