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This 2-hour virtual workshop will drive an overnight step change in your team's performance and well-being.


Break through productivity plateaus overnight. Period.


Learn the entire Coach's Plan system

Learn the system firsthand from its creator, including the secrets not shared in the book. The workshop is ideal for executive teams, sales teams, and any overly stretched function low on time and high on ambition.

Gel as a team through common language and understanding

Fully gel as a team through a common lexicon and a shared understanding of how to "retire the player-coach" and extract full value of the system in a team or organizational setting. Learn the critical boundaries required to support unparalleled individual performance.

Surface and break through where the status quo has your hands tied

The meeting-centric, email-laiden, checkerboard calendar that is the reality for so many is the death of people's full potential. The total realization of the benefits of the Coach's Plan system requires identifying and overcoming roadblocks unique to your environment.

Build group accountability as a team to reach new levels as individuals

Fuel the insanely potent Coach's Plan system with a whole extra level of momentum by harnessing the power of everyone having skin in the game, on the same page, supporting everyone else's success.