Management Consulting

Strategic Planning | Project Leadership | Exec Presentation Building


"Mike is a deep thinker with a broad base of commercial and consulting experience to leverage, allowing him to effectively define and diagnose issues, offer unique solutions and articulate strategy in a clear and concise way.  He has been a tremendous partner to our business."

Kris Neff, President, Boston Whaler

Strategy Consulting – Strategic Planning, Project Leadership, and Executive Presentation Building

You have an important project or deliverable and you don't have the bandwidth or team resources to get it done. Immediately unload stress by hiring a strategy consulting veteran to lead your project, help you build your strategic plan, or craft your executive presentation including Board meeting and senior leadership decks, investor pitches, and more.

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Workshops, Keynotes, and Meeting Facilitation

Forge team alignment, inject new energy, and maximize the time you invest in meetings and offsites by joining forces with an expert speaker and workshop facilitator who brings fresh perspective and a unique ability to draw out the best and most creative energy from your team.


Well-Being + Performance

Coaching | Workshops | Speaking


"Mike's workshop was fantastic—practical and action-oriented. Team energy is positive and we’re tackling goals with greater focus. I highly recommend leaders do this workshop with their teams. Mike has a unique way of taking a high level concept and breaking it down into everyday practical application. Taking the time with Mike to review and discuss both personal and company challenges has helped produced a positive dialogue within my organization. Post COVID employee engagement will be critical to the new reality in corporate America. Mike has begun to create a roadmap to help us navigate these stressful times."

Dan Wille, VP Product Development & Engineering

Well-Being + Performance Coaching for Leaders

Winning sports teams have coaches. Why don't executive teams? The answer is: the smart ones do. The coach's job is to draw out the best in you or elevate an entire team by working with the group as a whole and its individuals. One-on-one and team coaching available.

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360° Well-Being Team Workshops & Speaking

Drive an immediate boost to well-being and performance on your team through 360° Well-Being Team Workshops & Keynotes. Workshops and talks are designed to introduce your team to key concepts and approaches people can immediately employ to dramatically elevate their well-being and performance simultaneously.


Schedule a free coaching session

Let's discuss your situation and how you can take your well-being and performance to the next level. No strings attached.


The Complete Leader

On-Demand Training Program

This video + audio course offers a truly unique approach to elevating leadership impact. Over a series of 30 modules, leaders are guided through an in-depth coaching journey that focuses on the inner game of becoming world class while simultaneously maximizing personal fulfillment.

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Free 15 Min Course

Figure out your right next step now. No emailed required.

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About Mike Kavanagh

Mike Kavanagh is a seasoned advisor to senior leaders with extensive real world experience walking in the shoes of his clients. Kavanagh previously served as the Chief Product Officer and head of global strategy for a $1B manufacturing company. Prior to that, he served as a top advisor and management consultant to senior executives of Fortune 500 companies where he helped some of the most recognizable names in business successfully tackle a range of issues from crafting their corporate strategy, to launching new businesses from the ground up, to executing major organizational change management efforts that touched every corner of the business. He knows the extensive  challenges executives face from firsthand experience and has a significant track record of success, making him a truly unique partner in his roles as consultant and coach.

Kavanagh is the author of several books, including the #1 Amazon Bestseller, Coach's Plan: The Personal Productivity System That Changed My Life, the internationally acclaimed bestseller with over 150 five star reviews, The Successful Manager: A Guide to Building and Leading High-Performing Teams, and the personal exploration of finding fulfillment in work, What is Your Calling? The Journey to Find Work You Love.