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The Complete Leader

An on-demand video + audio guided coaching journey offering a truly unique approach to building leadership impact while maximizing personal well-being and fulfillment.

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It's not your typical program for leaders.

"This program is exactly what most leaders need… not vanilla classroom-based leadership theory but a hands-on, engaging and fresh journey to help leaders achieve self-mastery. The first steps for any leader to master are how to stay calm, find balance and be present. For anyone looking to invest in themselves, or businesses looking for competitive edge by developing their talent, I encourage you to sign up. You won’t regret it."

- Jay Worthy, Former Billion $ CEO | Executive Adventure Coach

It's focused on what actually matters.

Leadership is a tough job. Most people think becoming a more capable and confident leader is about accruing more knowledge. The truth is it's much more about having tools that keep you calm and cool, deeply influential and able to inspire, and extremely strategic about how you use your time.

It's 100% flexible and stacks for maximum impact.

With 30 self-guided on-demand video and audio modules, leaders can fit this program into their schedule without falling behind in work and life. Unlike training workshops, it builds progressively over weeks so growth actually sticks.

It's highly engaging and truly designed for the leader.

Programs often feel "corporate," and people leave feeling like it was more about their employer's interests than theirs. Not this program. It's a genuine win-win for a leader and their team or organization.

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An Overview of the Program

Includes over 10 hours of premium audio and video content covering dozens of aspects of well-being and performance for professionals and leaders.

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Phase 1: Foundational Mental Training

Program Kickoff
Foundational Rituals
Meditation & Mindfulness
Jog With Me: The Body
Mission & Purpose
Overcoming Discomfort
The Science of Recovery
Leadership & Priorities

Click to watch and listen to excerpts from the program:

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Access the Program

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Want to test it out before committing?

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