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Press & Media

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Mike's Appearance on Entrepreneurs United Podcast

Hosts John St. Pierre and Rich Hoffmann interview Mike about his journey of entrepreneurship, coaching, and salient aspects of his books, in addition to accepting a public Coach's Plan challenge. (Episode #80 aired Mar 14, 2022)


Mike's 2nd appearance on Boundless Body Radio - Coach's Plan Deep Dive

Casey Ruff, host of the popular podcast Boundless Body Radio, does a deep dive interview with Mike on the Coach's Plan system. (Episode 237)

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Mike's Appearance on Million Dollar Passion

Home shopping TV celebrity and world renowned jewelry designer Victoria Wieck interviews Mike about his journey, recent books, and his work in performance and well-being. (Episode aired Dec 8, 2021)


Mike's 1st Appearance on Boundless Body Radio

Casey Ruff, host of the popular podcast Boundless Body Radio, interviews Mike on a variety of topics including entrepreneurship, health and wellness, fear, and how to find work you love. (Episode 190)

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Mike's Appearance on 28 Summers

Episode: "Why you should never be afraid to be alone with your thoughts"

Jay Worthy, Billion Dollar CEO and Adventurer, interviews Mike early in his journey as a solopreneur on a variety of topics including finding work you love, Mike's book What Is Your Calling?, meditation and breathwork. (Season 2 Episode 2)