Requesting Sponsorship from an Employer

Many employers are willing to cover the cost of professional development programs like SELF-MASTERY FOR LEADERS for their high potential individuals, you simply need to ask.

Below is a suggested request template that you can adapt to suit your needs:

Hi [Name],

I recently learned of an opportunity to enhance my leadership skill set through an online leadership program called Self-Mastery for Leaders. The course dives into a range of areas including mental training, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience, building and leading mission-driven teams, and leadership influence and impact.

I am writing to request [sponsorship / budget approval] to participate in this course. I am deeply committed to my professional development, and I am confident this program will help me become a more effective contributor and prepare me to take on greater leadership responsibility.

The total cost for the course is [$X] and since the course is all online, there are no travel expenses.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing back soon,

[Your Name]