Personal Transformation Work

with Mike Kavanagh


“Anybody who is stressed out needs to try this. It was medicine for the soul.”

Toby P.

Energy & Breathwork Classes and Private Sessions

These classes and sessions are like no other, combining a unique blend of ancient techniques into a deep experience with the power to awaken profound inner transformation. Experience the combined power of breathwork, energy and somatic work, and meditation in one journey of expansion, opening and relaxation. Perfect for anyone looking to release stress and experience new levels of mind-body well-being.

Group classes are periodically held in Chicago-area studios. Sign up for the newsletter to be notified of upcoming events.

For private sessions, contact Mike directly:

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Life Coaching

Experience 1-on-1 coaching to unlock elevated states of being and increase personal impact. Common areas of focus include mind-body wellness, purpose discovery, livelihood, and paths to authentic fulfillment.

Coaching is available in-person in the Chicago area (including walking sessions in a natural setting) as well as virtually. Schedule a free initial 30 minute session to determine if this is a good fit for you.


More About Mike Kavanagh

Mike Kavanagh first launched into his journey of inner growth and transformation two decades ago after struggling with anxiety and depression. After a chance encounter with a former Buddhist monk who trained him in a range of meditative and mental training disciplines, Mike committed himself to pursuing the inner path as far as it would carry him. He subsequently worked with several other renowned teachers.

After witnessing the power of these practices in his own life, Mike began teaching meditation and breathwork in 2014. While continuing his corporate career, Mike also became a certified personal trainer and a behavior change specialist and began coaching clients. He then studied energy work under Masaru Kato and bodywork training at SOHMAR. Today, Mike combines a variety of ancient techniques and modern modalities in his client work and his group classes, creating unique experiences that open people to profound transformation, healing, growth, happiness, and fulfillment.