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Workshops & Speaking

Powerful Live and Virtual Workshops and Keynotes capable of sparking profound individual and team action with Mike Kavanagh.

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Workshops & Speaking: Testimonials

"The workshop was fantastic—practical and action-oriented. Team energy is positive and we’re tackling goals with greater focus. I highly recommend leaders do this workshop with their teams. Mike has a unique way of taking a high level concept and breaking it down into everyday practical application. Taking the time with Mike to review and discuss both personal and company challenges has helped produced a positive dialogue within my organization. Post COVID employee engagement will be critical to the new reality in corporate America. Mike has begun to create a roadmap to help us navigate these stressful times."

Dan Wille, VP Product Development & Engineering

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A team workshop and keynote to immediately and radically alter your trajectory.

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Give your team or company an immediate boost and a complete shakeup from the norm. This talk/workshop is packed with powerful, unexpected ideas and an abundance of tangible actions that participants can rapidly implement to experience dramatically elevated levels of individual and team performance and well-being.

RAPID TEAM WORKSHOPS (Virtual or Live) offer a quick, low-time-investment way to break out of your normal routine and provide your team with a boost of energy, ideas, and implementable actions to enhance total performance + well-being.

The Essence of the Experience:

  • Identify immediate time savers.

  • Learn how to draw out people's best execution, including your own.

  • Uncover the 3 top levers unique to you to master your mental+emotional game.

  • Transcend your unique stress triggers.

  • Work as a team to make immediate changes to level up your performance + well-being.

  • Plus dozens of practical recommendations and out-of-the-box ideas you can immediately implement as an individual or team to boost performance and on-the-job fulfillment.

Core Meta-Skills isn't just talk that gives people a temporary energy boost. It's about action, packed with ideas guaranteed to get people out of their box.

Core Meta-Skills can be experienced live or virtually as a keynote or as a team workshop. Formats include:

  • Keynote Speech — Live or Virtual — 1 hour or tailored to situation

  • 1-HOUR RAPID TEAM WORKSHOP — Live or Virtual — Presentation delivered to small group

  • 2-HOUR RAPID TEAM WORKSHOP — Live or Virtual — Presentation and interactive discussion with small group + team pre-workshop self-assessment and results

  • Half-Day and Full-Day Team Workshops — Presentation and experiential event best suited for teams ready to dive deep, such as at an offsite.

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This 2-hour virtual workshop will drive an overnight step change in your team's performance and well-being.

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Break through productivity plateaus overnight. Period.


Learn the entire Coach's Plan system

Learn the system firsthand from its creator, including the secrets not shared in the book. The workshop is ideal for executive teams, sales teams, and any overly stretched function low on time and high on ambition.

Gel as a team through common language and understanding

Fully gel as a team through a common lexicon and a shared understanding of how to "retire the player-coach" and extract full value of the system in a team or organizational setting. Learn the critical boundaries required to support unparalleled individual performance.

Surface and break through where the status quo has your hands tied

The meeting-centric, email-laiden, checkerboard calendar that is the reality for so many is the death of people's full potential. The total realization of the benefits of the Coach's Plan system requires identifying and overcoming roadblocks unique to your environment.

Build group accountability as a team to reach new levels as individuals

Fuel the insanely potent Coach's Plan system with a whole extra level of momentum by harnessing the power of everyone having skin in the game, on the same page, supporting everyone else's success.

Workshops & Speaking: List

Workshop Facilitation

Juice your creative process. Forge perfect team alignment on priorities. Maximize returns on your time invested at an offsite. Whether facilitating a series of workshops or a single session, your team is in excellent hands with a leader who has facilitated hundreds of workshops, events, and strategic planning processes.

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Custom Talks & Workshops

Mike Kavanagh is ready to speak on a range of topics relevant to your specific situation including strategy, growth, innovation, culture, and individual and organizational performance and well-being. Click the button below to contact and discuss your specific situation and need.

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