Mike Kavanagh is a best-selling author, speaker and consultant in human and organizational performance and well-being.

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#1 Amazon Bestseller

#1 Amazon Bestseller in 3 categories

In 1 hour for the cost of a cup of coffee, you can learn the unexpected and revolutionary productivity and habit change system. The return on investment is ridiculously clear.


A Powerful Workshop & Keynote:
The Core Meta-Skills of Peak Performance + Well-Being

Mike's latest talk / team workshop is designed to radically alter your individual, team, or organizational trajectory. More action than talk, Mike weaves a mix of unexpected ideas that challenge the status quo and elevate anyone ready to act on them to new levels of performance and well-being. Offered virtual or live as a keynote or a RAPID TEAM WORKSHOP.

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COACH'S PLAN Workshop for Teams

Virtual or Live 2-hour workshop that will teach your team the method, arm you with a shared language, remove organizational barriers to implementation, and drive an overnight step change in team productivity. Ideal for executive teams, sales teams, and any overly stretched function low on time and high on ambition.

Consulting | Project Leadership & Presentation-Building Support for Executives | Workshop Facilitation

Strategic Planning, Project Leadership and Presentation-Building Support for Executives | Workshops

Get immediate support from a seasoned advisor to CEOs and management consultant in crafting your strategic plan or executive presentation (or leading a project of yours), or injecting new ideas and energy through facilitating your workshop or offsite.

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Self-Mastery for Leaders On-Demand Training Program

An on-demand video + audio crash course in powerful productivity and well-being techniques from a mind-body performance trainer, enabling you or your team members to discover and master your optimal personal process and maximize well-being and performance.

Mental Training for Maximizing Professional Performance & Well-Being

Workshops | 1-on-1 Client Work | Team Training & Coaching | Speaking Engagements

Team and individual training to master the most critical, scientifically-validated metaskills for optimizing your mental state, your body, and your emotional well-being to maximize performance, reduce stress, and enhance fulfillment.

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Books to Ignite Your Potential

Master your personal process.
Discover what you're meant to do.
Master the skills to crush it in big leadership roles.
And much more.

A Podcast to Fuel Your Motivation

Dive into topics including pursuing your passion and purpose, entrepreneurship, leadership and contribution, inner well-being, and personal growth.


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