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Bringing your life and career into alignment with your true self

Hi, I’m Mike Kavanagh. I'm a writer, creator and coach.

Welcome to the place I share my life's work:

The discovery of inner freedom and wholeness by living true to the real you.

Don't be shy, I want to hear from you.

(The real you.)

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It's a listening experience unlike any other audiobook.

In Spiritual Wayfinders: The Audio Documentary, Mike Kavanagh tells the remarkable story of the journey he undertook after a deep spiritual awakening catapulted him into a sustained period of personal struggle. Along the way, he is joined by six people who share their own incredible stories of spiritual transformation — each of whom shaped Kavanagh’s destiny in unique ways.

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"Spiritual Wayfinders is a moving and immersive audiobook about the inner freedom and wholeness that comes through living your purpose and your deepest truth."

Mike's Other Work


Life Coaching | Career Coaching | Executive Coaching

1-on-1 coaching focused on aligning your life and livelihood to your true self and your deepest purpose.

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Books about spiritual transformation, purpose and passion, productivity and habit change.


A pilot season sharing real stories of personal growth and transformation from right down the street.

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