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Best-Selling Author | Well-Being + Performance Coach

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Well-Being + Performance Coaching, Workshops and Speaking

1-on1 Coaching | Team Workshops | Keynotes

Maximize individual and team well-being and unlock new levels of stress-free performance and success through executive coaching, 360° Well-Being team workshops, and keynotes.

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Corporate Consulting

Strategic Planning, Project Leadership, and Executive Presentation Building

Immediately unload stress by hiring a strategy consulting veteran to lead your project, help you build your strategic plan, or craft your executive presentation.

Personal Coaching

1-on-1 coaching to unlock elevated states of being and increase personal impact. Mind-Body Wellness | Purpose | Livelihood

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Books from best-selling author Mike Kavanagh on mastering productivity and habit change, pursuing your purpose and passion, elevating leadership impact, and more.

Podcast, Press & Media

Join Mike's explorations into personal growth and well-being, purpose and passion, entrepreneurship, leadership, and more through his podcast and his appearances on other people's shows.