Mike Kavanagh is an author, business & leadership consultant, mind-body performance trainer, and sought-after change catalyst.

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New Release!

In about 1 hour, for the cost of a cup of coffee, you can consume this book and learn the productivity and habit change system poised to revolutionize people's lives. The return on investment is ridiculously clear.


Business Consulting, Workshops, and Public Speaking

Management Consulting Projects | Speaking Engagements | Workshop Facilitation | Strategic Planning | Presentation-Building | Short-Term Contract Work

Unleash team creativity, build a stellar strategy, forge perfect alignment among your team, craft a high-powered presentation, and inspire large groups to carry forward your movement with support from a seasoned advisor to CEOs, C-level corporate executive, and management consultant.

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Self-Mastery for Leaders On-Demand Training Program

An on-demand video + audio crash course in powerful productivity and well-being techniques from a mind-body performance trainer, enabling you or your team members to discover and master your optimal personal process and maximize well-being and performance.

Mind-Body Training for Maximum Well-Being & Performance

Workshops | 1-on-1 Client Work | Speaking Engagements | Custom Training Design | Culture Initiatives

Master a wide variety of time-tested and scientifically-validated techniques for optimizing your mental state, your physical body, and your emotional well-being to reduce stress, enhance fulfillment, and maximize performance.

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Books to Ignite Your Potential

Discover what you're meant to do.
Unlock concise expert secrets to building successful businesses.
Master the skills to crush it in big leadership roles.

A Show to Fuel Your Motivation

1. Listen to the show.
2. Take risks and do incredible things.
3. Be a guest on the show.


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