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Coach's Plan: The Personal Productivity System That Changed My Life

Don't be a slave to your motivation levels, your mood, or procrastination anymore. Coach's Plan is the unexpected system that unlocks tremendous productivity and habit change in your life.

I never expected to write this book. But when this system came into my life, it broke me out of a rut and launched me into the most rich period of my life— I wrote two books and launched a business in under a year, kicked my sugar habit, rebuilt a robust daily fitness regimen, and enjoyed some good old-fashioned mental and physical well-being. Thank you, Coach!

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The Successful Manager: Practical Approaches for Building & Leading High-Performing Teams

Being a manager is one of the most challenging roles a person can take on in their professional life. When done extremely well, it catapults a person into career success and unlocks a team’s full potential. Yet, few people are provided with real training, coaching, or tools on how to manage well.

In this landmark book, Mike Kavanagh and James Potter dissect every aspect of becoming a top-tier manager and distill it into practical tools and techniques—perfect for brand new and experienced managers alike. Clear, insightful, and eminently approachable, The Successful Manager: Practical Approaches for Building and Leading High-Performing Teams is like sitting down for a cup of coffee with a world-class mentor who offers you the keys to mastering the art and science of successful management.

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What Is Your Calling? The Journey to Find Work You Love

What we do for work is a huge part of our lives. If we are grinding it out at a job we don’t like, it can be a cause of tremendous stress and unhappiness. But if we are doing work we love, it can be a source of deep joy and fulfillment. This is the promise of pursuing a calling—of finding work that is true to who we are and what we love.

In What Is Your Calling? The Journey to Find Work You Love, Mike Kavanagh offers an encouraging guide to finding and pursuing work that brings us a sense of purpose and passion. With empathy, humor, and insight, Kavanagh weaves together practical wisdom, a highly personal account of his own winding journey, and inspiring stories of real people who have taken the risk to follow their heart, to lead us on the journey of pursuing the path we're meant to follow.

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Your Turn to Build a Kick-Ass Business

Hear what the guy who has developed strategies for some of the world’s most recognizable names in business has to say about success in business and entrepreneurship in 40 succinct lessons. It isn’t what you expect.

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