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"Mike's workshop was fantastic—practical and action-oriented. Team energy is positive and we’re tackling goals with greater focus. I highly recommend leaders do this workshop with their teams. Mike has a unique way of taking a high level concept and breaking it down into everyday practical application. Taking the time with Mike to review and discuss both personal and company challenges has helped produced a positive dialogue within my organization. Post COVID employee engagement will be critical to the new reality in corporate America. Mike has begun to create a roadmap to help us navigate these stressful times."

Dan Wille, VP Product Development & Engineering


About Well-Being + Performance Work with Mike Kavanagh

Mike Kavanagh isn't like other executive coaches. As a veteran advisor to some of the most well-known names in business and a former C-level exec of a $1B company, he has walked in the shoes of his clients and knows what today's professionals and leaders are up against. And with 20 years of experience in mind- and body-focused human performance coaching disciplines, Mike's work taps people into their full range of well-being and performance capabilities to help them achieve dramatic improvements in inner and outer measures of success.


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Coaching, Workshops & Speaking

Well-Being + Performance Coaching for Leaders

Executives and their teams are under more stress and pressure today than ever. Not only does this reduce performance, creativity, and ultimately success, but it impacts your mental and physical health, your energy levels, and your ability to truly enjoy work while showing up as your best self in every other area of your life.

Through a completely unique, multi-dimensional approach to coaching for professionals, we work together to help you maximize personal impact and master the art of stress-free leadership so you are achieving optimal well-being in parallel with professional success. Personal achievement does not need to come at the cost of your well-being. The opposite is true. Powerful well-being and performance approaches are the path to becoming world-class and truly enjoying what you do.

360° Well-Being Team Workshops & Speaking

Drive an immediate boost to well-being and performance on your team through 360° Well-Being Team Workshops & Keynotes. Workshops and talks are designed to introduce your team to key concepts and approaches people can immediately employ to dramatically elevate their well-being and performance simultaneously.


The Complete Leader

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This video + audio course offers a truly unique approach to elevating leadership impact. Over a series of 30 modules, leaders are guided through an in-depth coaching journey that focuses on the inner game of becoming world class while simultaneously maximizing personal fulfillment.