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Facets of Happiness

It’s always good to take a moment to stop and remember this:

Whatever you want right now, whatever you’re trying to get done, whatever you’re aimed at, from the very significant to the tiniest task you’re trying to clear in this moment—it’s almost always a means to a deeper end.

Trace the “why” behind that desire or goal all the way back to the root, and the root is likely to reveal itself to be the pursuit of some version of happiness (or satisfaction, peace, love, relief, contentment, etc.).

The instant you remember this, you remember there are lots of routes to that same end.

Some are externally focused, like healthy relationships, healthy finances, or being in a geography you love.

Some are internally focused, like cultivating resilience, lightheartedness, optimism, or the capacity to let go and stop sweating the small stuff so much.

Some are big picture, like pursuing a fulfilling career.

Some are in the moment, like disconnecting from your mental narrative and reconnecting with being fully here right now.

The momentum of daily life is strong. The tendency to slip into autopilot is reflexive. And our autopilot tendencies often leave us a little tense, a little future-oriented, and not our most relaxed, happy, and open.

But sometimes something triggers a moment of stopping in us. This stopping opens the possibility for a shift in perspective, almost like a whole-body exhale.

Maybe this happens spontaneously. Maybe it’s triggered by catching yourself during a moment of mental struggle or tension.

Maybe it even comes about because of a random thing you just read.


This originally appeared in the email newsletter.

Two recent guests on the Fueled By Impact podcast also explored facets of this subject:

Your Best Life Blueprint with Candice & Lauren Henry, university professors of leadership and co-founders of Aretios.

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