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What's Behind This Door?

So what's behind this door?


This is one of my favorite new questions. I ask it to myself all the time. I ask it when I'm about to step into the unknown. I ask it during times of fear and uncertainty. I ask it the moment I'm deciding between two possibilities, to go in this direction or to go in that one.


I ask it because it shifts my focus out of the desire for a specific outcome, or the need to control, or a feeling of anxiety... and into genuine curiosity and excitement about the unknown. Even in seemingly small or trivial moments, it reminds me that this moment, this next decision or act, will lead me somewhere I can't predict. That's the truth. And I'm lucky enough to get to watch how it plays out. That's intriguing, and exciting.


Most recently, this question was the reason for me entering into a new experiment. All too often I've overlooked the incredible stories and people just down the street. My antidote to that turned into a passion project, one I share with you in the form of a 58 second video... behind this door:

For those wanting to go deeper, you can find the full version HERE.


May each of the doors you open this year fill you with wonder and possibility.



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