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Sam Lamott, Brian Crall, Pluie, and Aretios: 4 Totally Unique Entrepreneurial Adventures

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

I'm often amazed at how unique every entrepreneurial adventure is. I had the opportunity to do video interviews with these four founders below, and confirmed that indeed, no two entrepreneurs or creatives are alike.

My Interview with Sam Lamott

I was insanely lucky to have the opportunity to interview Sam Lamott. For those who don't know his story, Sam is a single dad, college drop-out, ex-meth head, who came out of a ten-year bender at the age of twenty-two with severe clinical depression, a two-year-old, and zero life skills. He went on to found and create the incredibly popular How To Human Podcast, which has millions of downloads.

My Interview with Brian Crall

Brian Crall is an improv comedian and founder of a non-profit organization / improv comedy club. In the process of training me up during the interview, he manages to uncover one of my deepest secrets never before shared in public. Must be his charm.

My Interview with the founders of Pluie

In 2018, Addie Gundry was changing her son’s diaper on a dirty, uncomfortable changing table in a public restroom. When she came out, she told her husband, “I want to make a better one.” And then she actually did. She teamed up with Co-Founder and COO Brittany Hizer, and the two moms launched Pluie, the world’s first and only self-sanitizing diaper changing table for public restrooms. It’s an awesome story of female founders making an impact in remarkable ways during remarkable times.

My Interview with the founders of Aretios

Lauren and Candice are university professors of leadership and the Co-Founders of Aretios, and they shed light on leading well and living the life you were designed for, a topic I've been magnetically drawn to for most of my professional life.

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