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Voices of Park Ridge

Personal stories of life and transformation.

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He woke up early one morning with the idea to starve himself alone in the woods for four days. This is what happened.

Sister Julia

She obtained her masters in math, telling her religious friends there was no way she would pursue studies in theology or spirituality. So how did she end up in retreat ministry?

(You can find more about her work and the retreat center here.)


Challenging life experiences have the power to shape our destinies... for good, or for ill. And some of us turn them into a way to help others. This is the story of one woman's journey of personal growth and healing and the unexpected place it ultimately led her.

(You can find more about her work here.)

Dr. Mari

Depression, anxiety, addiction, and other such challenges touch almost everyone's life in some way sooner or later. This is the story of one woman's glimmer of an idea for how to help... and how that idea came to fruition two decades later.

(You can find more about her work here.)


As a baby, he was placed in a bassinet on a piano while his mother taught piano lessons. What unfolded after that is pure magic.

(You can find all of his work here.)


Carlie received an unexpected call that changed everything. After answering it, she realized this was more than just an ordinary call, it was a call from the universe.

(You can find more about her work here.)

Podcast Archives

For anyone looking for access to historic episodes from Back to the Breath Media including Fueled By Impact, they are all housed in the secret vault which can be freely accessed by subscribing to the email newsletter.

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